LA Freewaves’ Anne Bray on Media as an Exchange of Consciousness

LA#itself Podcast

Anne Bray on LA#itself  PODCAST by Brettany Shannon 

Hello, and welcome to our fifth of six LA#itself episodes. Throughout this series, we have talked with an array of people who use digital media for community development, broadly defined. We continue to find that tech is a social construction, and a means, not an end. Further, when technology works best, it is making our real interactions in real places — our IRL existence, if you will — work better.

Today’s conversation with media artist Anne Bray is no exception. The executive director of Freewaves, the LA-based nonprofit arts organization that advocates for and exhibits new, uncensored, independent media. Bray tells us about her thirty-plus years of using art, specifically media art, to initiate difficult but essential dialogue around our most pressing social issues. Art, with technology, can confront, educate, and connect us, possibly and hopefully bringing us closer to a more socially just world. We will need a lot of art in the coming four years.

Enjoy Bray’s many insights, and click below to learn more about her projects we cover in the episode.

Please visit Freewaves to learn about Bray’s contribution to LA’s media art landscape. Here you can also read more about and watch videos from her more recent projects, DIS…MISS, Lions, Tigers, and…, and Long Live LA. And definitely go check out the videos from Out the Window, the 2011 video art intervention on LA Metro buses.

Finally, look at Bray’s artist website for general information and the archive of her previous projects we discuss, including Double Burning Jagged Extremities and her early billboards-situated work.