Dis…Miss, a public visual art exchange in Los Angeles using videos, postcards and social media to engage people individually and collectively in dialogues about feminism and gender fluidity   Ain’t I A Womxn?:   at LA State Historic Park

Designing Equityongoing collaborative artist-in-residence to develop public media art projects that help build agency and market for creatives of color in Milwaukee with MKE<->LAX   Designing Equity workshops

Lions, Tigers And … , sound installation over 5 months with opening and closing musical performances and video projections at Pasadena City Hall about the building facade’s lions including 800 public interpretation   Lions Tigers And… : series at Pasadena City Hall

Long Live LA, health videos by artists shown on buses, at clinics, online and at events and Out the Window, art videos shown on 2000 city buses to 1.1 million viewers daily     Out the Window: videos on LA Metro buses

Take Cover, Take Over, poem micro-projected on audience at ArtNight Pasadena   Pairs Pares: projected animation


Podcast LA Freewaves’ Anne Bray on Media as an Exchange of Consciousness  by Brettany Shannon  –  interview about Designing Equity in Milwaukee  with LAX<->MKE     –  major  project 2014-16   – ongoing organization

Leonardo article- overview of Bray career – article – biweekly  blog!/freewavesanne     twitter   online exhibition at K-PST  podcast of  panel re art and ads       poem  interview  – article/interview 2004  – interview 2003   – audio clip