Lions, Tigers And was an ambitious public art project over months intended to create community engagement about Pasadena City Hall’s access, history and culture by exploring the meaning of the 150 lions encased on the building’s façade. Why would a democratic building feature lions? Artist Anne Bray commissioned Inouk Demers to create an interactive installation with sounds of lions, nature and Robert Hilton’s music to bring attention to the enclosed natural environment. Opening and closing events drew 5000 ArtNight crowds to experience the live music and video projections of lions. Community members participated in the John Muir HS drum line, 3 drum circles by Rasheed Ali, 2 historic talks and weekly lunchtime survey sessions, targeting city hall employees. Gradually Freewaves and Side Street surveyed 800 adults and children about their views of lions as aggressive or protective, free or captive, exotic or familiar, African or American, alert or bored, savage or noble, important or invisible, i.e. why did they put lions on city hall? The piece was exhibited October 2015-March 2016 and funded by City of Pasadena, NEA Our Town grant and Side Street Project.

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